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Children learn all the time - you can't stop them!

We try to make the most of this by providing home learning tasks that add to and develop the learning they have done in school.  If you ever have questions about home learning tasks, please do see your child's class teacher.

Spellings: From September 2014 we have implemented a new approach to learning to spell.  We found that the traditional model (of taking home a list of words and then getting tested on it) works in the short-term but that children cannot spell the same words if we return to them in a few weeks time.  Instead, we are spending longer in lesson times on learning and using spelling rules and patterns and then "testing" these instead of a particular set of words.  The rule or pattern of the week is always published in the weekly newsletter so parents can work at home with their child to support the learning in school.

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 complete Phonics sessions every day.  As they are learning new sounds, teachers will let parents know (via curriculum newsletters) so that they can support this work at home.

Reading:  Children throughout school will have a reading book which they are asked to read at home.  Reading diaries and reading journals are used to record what children have read, how they have done and what they have thought about it. Children should change their reading book at least once a week - there is no set day for changing books as they be changed as soon as children are ready.  They should have their reading diary / journal with them every day.  Younger children will have a book from the school reading system but as children gain confidence in reading, they will have an independent book choice.  Please do not feel that children should be limited to reading books from school - we want them to read a lot!  They can (and should) read books from elsewhere, magazines, web-pages, non-fiction texts - anything that sparks their curiosity.

Maths:  Every week (from Year 1 and up), your child will have a piece of Maths homework sent home.  This will build on work they have done in school.  Sometimes, particularly for older children, this can mean completing an activity on the "MyMaths" website.  Maths homework is always set on a Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.

Other homework: Children (from Year 1 and up) will also receive one other piece of homework each week.  This could be English but could also be from other subject areas.  Children from Year 3 and up will receive a "home learning menu" that is based on their current topic.  This will include tasks from a range of curriculum areas with some that are mandatory and some that are optional.  Children choose which order they want to work through these (and many of the tasks give them additional choices in content and presentation) over a fixed period of time.  Teachers will expect to see one piece completed each week.  Organising home learning in this way supports our aim of making our learners increasingly independent.