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Keeping up with the Kids

We know that the key to your child making the best possible progress is for you (parents) and us (school) to have the best possible partnership.

Children do best when they have consistency.  This can mean in the way they are taught things but also in the value they see adults around them putting on their education.

"Keeping up with the Kids" is a series of workshops designed to tell parents about things we do in school and to develop the way in which we work together.  The workshops are an opportunity to share information so that children can have more of the consistency which they need to fulfill their potential.

Dates and times for "Keeping up with the Kids" workshops are published in letters which will be found in the "Parents>Letters" section of this website.

If you have ideas for sessions that we do not seem to have planned, please do share them with us.

We know that not all parents can make these workshops and also that there is a lot of information to remember.  Because of this, we will put resources in the "Curriculum" area of the website after we have used them at the "Keeping up with the Kids" workshops.  For example, if you have been to a Phonics workshop (or not been able to go), you will be able to find any resources used on the "Phonics" page in the "Curriculum" section.