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Reading is at the core of all we do in school.  

In the national curriculum, the teaching of reading is split into two strands:
  • word reading
  • comprehension
We teach it in a number of ways.

In Key Stage 1, and beyond if appropriate, we use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.
From the beginning of Reception until the end of Year 2 (or further if needed) children have phonics lessons to teach them the rules, patterns and exceptions of how written words represent sounds.

All children have guided reading sessions each week.  These are when they work with a group of children of a similar ability and a teacher.  They read and discuss a text (sometimes a book and sometimes an individual piece of writing).
Children also work on reading in English lessons.  They work on comprehension activities where they look for the meanings of texts and why authors have made particular choices in the way they have written those texts.
Where possible, we also give children the chance to do one-to-one reading.
How can I help?
Below are booklets which are sent out to parents with helpful information to help when you read at home with your children.  They are organised by level (ask your child’s class teacher if you are not sure which one is appropriate) - levels are an assessment system used with the old national curriculum and are being phased out but the booklets remain useful nevertheless.  Using the sorts of questions suggested in these booklets will help you to develop your child’s reading in the same way as we do in school.