At Kingsway, we recognise that every day counts in ensuring pupils achieve their best. We strive for our children to be in school every day so that they can make the most of all the learning opportunities offered to them. 
Our target for every pupil is that over the whole year is that they achieve 96% attendance; this is no more than 5 days off in a year. The Government's national expectation is 96%, the equivalent of 7 days absence in a year.

As a school we are working very hard to make sure children do not have gaps in their learning. Parents are reminded that they should not book holidays in term time as this has a significant effect on a child's progress.


A pupil with attendance below 90% is classed as persistently absent, even if the absence has been authorised. Pupils taking unauthorised leave of absence early in the academic year could be categorised as persistently absent, despite having perfect attendance from their return date onwards.


There are 190 school days a year and 160 non-school days a year.  Every day and every minute at school counts! 


If you are having difficulty, for whatever reason, getting your child into school , please make  an appointment with Mrs Byrne to discuss this. We will look to support families to improve attendance.